A Lot Has Changed Since The State Deregulated Its Energy Market

A Lot Has Changed Since The State Deregulated Its Energy Market

A lot has changed since the state deregulated its energy market. While the utility company that delivers your natural gas remains the same, you now have the power to shop independent energy supply companies for pricing and plans that best suit your needs and budget.

Most utilities call their default supply rate the Standard Choice Offer (SCO). You can find information about current SCO rates, a comparison chart and historical SCO prices on the PUCO’s website.

The City has an aggregation program with Constellation Energy Services to help residents lock in low fixed natural gas rates. The City does not receive any revenue or payment by offering this program to its residents. To sign up for the program, simply complete the form below and one of our energy sales representatives will contact you to review custom pricing options. The program is available to all residential customers in the City of Canton, Summit County and some parts of Medina and Portage Counties.

Currently, the SCO price is $2.835/Mcf for a four-year term. This is a reduced rate from the previous five-year average of $4.89/Mcf and will remain in effect through March 2024. The City’s aggregation program leverages the buying power of its residents and provides lower rates to you as a result.

If you choose not to buy your energy supply from a supplier, the default rate is based on a monthly calculation of the NYMEX natural gas settlement price plus a Retail Price Adjustment set by PUCO. You can get more detailed information about PUCO’s SCO process on their website, including an Apples-to-Apples comparison chart and historical SCO rates.

In the United States, up to 55% of a home’s energy usage is for space heating. If you’re looking to save money on your columbia gas bills in the winter, try sealing drafty doors and windows. This will keep cold air out and hot air in, saving you money on your energy bill.

While the energy market is deregulated, your local utility company continues to own and operate the electric transmission lines and gas pipelines that deliver energy to your home or business. The utility also continues to be responsible for meter reading, balancing and billing as well as the maintenance of the gas distribution system in your area.

Energy suppliers, such as Constellation, purchase energy from wholesale producers and then sell it to you at a competitively priced rate. The utility still remains accountable for the safe delivery of energy to your house, so if there are issues with service, you should always call your provider. For more information, please visit our What is an Energy Supplier page. If you are moving to a new address, you will need to select a new energy supplier. You can easily do this by entering your zip code on our Compare Energy Suppliers tool. Then, you can begin shopping for the best plan for your new home.