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At, we offer wide range of web design, seo and complete digital marketing solutions to attorneys and law firms. Our top-notch designs are not only creative but help our clients to generate more leads and sales.

With domain knowledge and expertise in legal web design and promotion, we have helped various websites to improve their search engine visibility on popular search engines.

We offer best legal website design for law firms, lawyers and attorneys. Everybody must have heard about the popular saying "First impression is the Last impression". No doubt, it is applicable to the online world likewise. Whenever someone visits your website, he/she will form an opinion about the Law Firm by the look and feel of the website.

A website which is neat and designed professionally will efficiently make the visitors to observe the services. Most of the customers, looking for legal help are often interested to go ahead with those Law Firms and lawyers who possess professional approach and have plenty of experience in their respective field. This is reason why they always seek the best Law Firm and not just any legal representative or attorney. Get in touch with Law Firm Web Design Studio now.

For all your online marketing need.

We are industry leader in providing complete A-Z Marketing services for your law firm.

Whether you are looking for Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Adwords, Adsense or any other Internet Marketing services for your law firm, you can always contact us.


Mobile and SEO Friendly Web Design

We work hard to deliver creative, responsive and mobile friendly websites for our clients. Having an SEO friendly website does not mean it has to be overloaded with keywords. An seo friendly website is the site which is display following characteristics:


Best Attorney Website Design 2018

Having a well structured website allows to optimize and improve our business, our project, for ourselves or for our clients. 
Like any tool that respects, to be friendly with SEO website it must have certain technical characteristics, related both to the 'receipt of the code to which it is made, therefore, to the time when the design is important to have in Count some points, which are useful in getting the greatest possible benefits when you are online.

Web Security:  conversion to the HTTPS protocol means greater security for the user (and therefore a better user experience), if you make purchases or simply browse the site; Google is starting many index pages with this http protocol than the traditional one, for e-commerce sites it is essential to use it, unless we divert the user from other payment platforms (sell bank, PayPal, etc).

Responsive: it  's obvious, I know, but for some not yet. The site must first be designed for use with mobile devices and then on the desktop. Everyone has a mobile phone and that is why you have to turn to the class of users to be reached. We must always be reachable at any time and from anywhere. This is especially true for those sites that focus on the sale and / or conversions, otherwise the user moves away from the competition! Do not forget that if your site is directed to mobile, our friend Google will give more points there (rank site). To support the mobile concept of using wine, AMP (Accelerate mobile pages,which is an open source project dedicated to the web and mobile).

Responsive Legal Website Design Services

Keyword and latent semantics:  LSI (latent semantic indexing keywords), an SEO technique "OnPage", implies the use of hidden keywords, which are synonyms of the main keywords (keywords) that help to diversify the contents that we are going to create. An example of how these words are represented can be done by typing in the Google search bar, which will give us different "forms" of the word. The content of the quality are beneficial for our business and it goes without saying that they should be unique, that they encourage users to share them, thus helping to create a "faithful" audience to our product, brand, etc. Of course, if you have to write SEO-friendly content do it from a professional in the industry!

Meta Description: apply properly the meta description of the site ("what we do, what we are, etc ...") for each page you wish to index. If everything even better. The keyword tag is hardly considered what you can let it end up with. The match meta description label those parts of the text that we show in the SERPs, that is, the so-called fragments, under the title of the page or site.

URL organization:  cleanliness and order are the keywords! It is better a type of URL YourWebsite .com/personal-injury-lawyer than Yourwebsite .com/198232834 =?personal-injury-lawyer !  This affects Google, the score it will give us. We often see sites made with CMS and other languages ​​(Joomla !, WordPress, etc.) that contain unreadable links, as well as impossible to remember. And then the client asks "why have not you found me"?

From the website loading speed: use a clean code and try to keep it that way. A good hotel - but not only - it makes it faster in loading, a faster place to load (and nice to navigate) is easier to attract the user, thus improving the experience, it can give us a better chance of converting said we are very concerned. To control the loading speed you can use the Google Page Speed tool that allows us to control all these parameters and what improvements have been made.

HTTP / 2:  one of the latest innovations is this new standard proposed in 2014 and created to improve and optimize network connections between websites and architectures, and improve their performance.

JavaScript and plugins for CMS:  for the reasons mentioned above, avoid using too many scripts or plugins - in the case of CMS - to slow down, or to be too heavy. Search engines do not like excessive use of JavaScript. Also consider that in some areas of our country the Internet is still struggling to be very powerful.

Clear and simple information , that seems trivial eh? We give the user the possibility to find the information that he is looking for without him being crazy, and we are going to give him instructions in a few steps, so that he does what he asks us, or what we want him to do.

What does Google think of single-page websites?

Backlinks abuse: I do not remember that they abuse the backlinks and most importantly they are of quality, coming from sites with a good reputation , and from time to make sure they work.

Cleaning code : too much unnecessary code will have a negative impact on the computer having scanned the page of the search engines, which could comprehend the evil with consequences on SEO and the burden of it. It would be good to use compressed files, as is the case with CSS and JavaScript files (called "minified").

Inflammation: it seems strange, but many sites are still based entirely on Flash or had not been updated by today's standards, so if it should be used, what we do in a limited way.

A simple navigation, for everyone: with the arrival of the mobile is of utmost importance and suitable styles for its use there are many, such as the retractable sidebar (outside the canvas menu), hamburger, List, etc. (!). The important thing is that it is pleasant to the user, with links to the appropriate pages and with an eye to our friends the search engines.

CSS Sprite : used especially for the icons, it gathers images in a single one, so even optimizing load of the same one and the lightness of the file, and to reduce the stress in the server that lodges the site.

Sensitive or sensitive web design : try to contemplate the greatest number of possible solutions, both for mobile devices and desktop computers.

The validation HTML5 + CSS3 : a validated code to comply with the standards of today is an advantage for our website and is synonymous with quality in the production code.

Read and optimized the images  (and with the descriptive alt tag): the images must be optimized and lightened enough to be able to load and download easily by the user or the server.

These lists are the "best practices" to follow to create a SEO friendly website. It is clear that not everything ends here: in fact, numerous are the practices that will be applied to position a site, improve visibility and so on.


They are experts in website design as well as marketing.

SHOKO MUGIKURA Justice Mesothelioma Law Group

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They are experts in website design, marketing as well as Digital Marketing. We have been using their services for the last 6 years and we are quite happy.

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  • Basic Plan

    one time

  • $495

  • 5-10 Pages CMS Website with Blog
  • Free Domain (1 Yr)
  • Free Premium Hosting [1 Yr]
  • 2 Business Email (1 Yr)
  • Creative Wordpress Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 3 Keywords SEO for Your Business/Law Firm Name
  • Bronze Plan

    Web Design + SEO

  • $750

    30 Days Support
  • Upto 20 Pages CMS Design + Blog
  • Free Domain (1 Yr)
  • Free Premium Hosting [1 Yr]
  • 5 Business Email [1 Yr]
  • CMS Website Design
  • 30 Content Updates & Maintenance for 30 Days
  • 30 Days SEO for
    10 Keywords Seo on 1 Search Engine
    30 Keywords PPC Management (1 Month)

    2 Months Support for Web Design + SEO
    * most popular

  • $1500

  • 30-40 Pages CMS Web Design + Blog
  • Free Domain (1 Yr)
  • FREE Premium Cloud Hosting [1 Yr]
  • 10 Busines Emails (1 Yr)
  • 60 Content Updates per Month
    Website Maintenance (60 Days)
  • 6:00-12:00 Hrs Chat Support
    [U.S Pacific Time]
  • 20 Keywords SEO on 1 Search Engine &
    40 Keywords PPC Management [2 Months]
  • Local Directory Submission [25] +
    Local Listing SEO (60 Days)
  • 2 Months/60 Days Web Maintenance
    Website Updates and SEO Support

    3 Months Web Design, Maintenance and SEO
    Perfect for Big Law Firms

  • $2800

  • 40-50 CMS Web Design + Blog
  • Free Domain (1 Yr)
  • FREE Premium Cloud Hosting [1 Yr]
    Blazing Fast Hosting
  • 15 Business Emails (1 Yr)
  • 100 Content Updates + Website Maintenance [90 Days]
  • 9:00-15:00 Hrs Chat/Phone Support
    [U.S Pacific Time]
  • 40 Keywords SEO on 1 Selected Search Engine
    100 Keywords PPC Management [3 Months]
  • Local Directory Submission [50] +
    Local Listing SEO (60 Days)
  • FB, Twitter and G+ Setup
  • 5 Youtube Video Promotion and Optimization
  • 3 Months/60 Days Website Maintenance/Updates
    Complete Digital Marketing & SEO